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Linda Tuttle

Hand Made Tulle Scrubbies

Hand Made Tulle Scrubbies

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Indulge in the charm and utility of our handcrafted tulle dish scrubber, meticulously crafted by the talented Ms. Linda Tuttle. Each scrubber is a testament to her dedication to quality and sustainability, as she pours her heart into every stitch.

 **Artisanal Excellence**: Made in Michigan with meticulous attention to detail, each scrubber showcases Ms. Tuttle's years of experience in crafting durable, effective cleaning tools.

 **Eco-Friendly Choice**: Say goodbye to disposable sponges with this reusable alternative. Crafted from durable tulle fabric, it's gentle on your dishes yet tough on grime, promoting sustainability with every use.

 **Community Impact**: By choosing this scrubber, you're not just investing in quality; you're supporting local initiatives to combat hunger. Ms. Tuttle generously donates her profits to help feed those in need, making every purchase a step towards a better world.

Experience the difference of a handcrafted essential that not only enhances your daily routine but also contributes to a meaningful cause. Make Ms. Linda Tuttle's tulle dish scrubber your go-to choice for a cleaner kitchen and a brighter future.

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