I told myself we aren't a real shop until we carry Sage. Well, here it is! Grown in California if the plants allow it, Northern Mexico if they don't we've started with a few of Faiza Naturals most popular options so please let us know what you think.

Smudge Sticks

I admit, I have a problem. I keep ordering too much Naytendo Stock. Nadine just makes the cutest pins tho!

Luckily, I physicaly can not order too many of her Hellverse pins. Warning, they sell out as fast as they restock so order yours now.

Blitzo's blep tho

New Arrivals

Crafted with love by the owners with the "assistance" of their mischievous fluffball sidekick.

Fluffball's Instock
  • Knit Mimikyu Plush

    Shipped fairly quickly, especially for the holidays. Very cute and snuggly.


  • Knit Bulbasaur Plush

    love it! thank you so much


  • Knit Strawberries

    Stopped in to check it out and got a few little crochet strawberries for my pup! She absolutely loves them, and they are just the perfect size for her 💕