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Custom Bulbasaur Knit Plush

Custom Bulbasaur Knit Plush

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Snuggle up with our Custom Bulbasaur Knit Plush, a handmade creation that brings the beloved Pokémon to life in a cozy and huggable form. Custom-crafted with attention to detail, this plush is a unique and charming addition to any Pokémon collection.

Made to Order Custom Knit Plush of Bulbasaur, 5-7 days to make +shipping. Standard Plush tends to be about 8 inches tall, and Jumbo tend to be about 16 inches tall. Blub is left open and you're able to hide things inside inside. Entire plush is made of soft knit yarn and felt so they make a perfect snuggle buddy and a safe toy for children.

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