Collection: St Steves Soda

"Kris and I are so excited to bring St. Steve's Products into our shop. They're only located a few hours north of us in Hudsonville and have an amazing operation. It also doesn't hurt that getting Kris to drink anything with less sugar is a win." ~Sana


"In a world of ultra-processed foods made in the labs of profit driven corporations, we craft simple natural beverages with ingredients from our own Michigan farm for people who want to enjoy the quality of real food and improve their health naturally. Just the fact that we grow and make our products from whole ingredients is pretty unique. Most, if not all commercial sodas are made from flavors. Pour a little of this and a little of that and woh-la! A soda. So why take the time, energy, and money to juice and slice real carrots, beets, and ginger when we could just pour a bottle of something all ready to go? Why grow our own elderflowers when we could use a pre-made concentrate and nobody would know the difference? At the core of this whole thing; the farm, the sodas, everything - is the concept of Creation Stewardship. To some this may sound like religious or mystical mumbo-jumbo but it's really pretty simple. Our land has been in the family for 116 years. It was here long before us and will be here long after we’re gone from this earth. But we were placed here and now as caretakers and our job is to care for creation to the best of our abilities. Caring not just for this farm, but to care for this country and our world as well. This job is not just caring about the environment although that is important but caring for people as well because they too are part of creation. Thanks for being a part of it!" ~St. Steve's Farm