Collection: Apple Tree Acres

"Why We Make Soap The reason we make soap is very simple. We believe we can offer a much better product - in smaller-batch runs - than commercial detergent-based soap products. What started as a way to help a family member with dry, irritated skin has evolved into a desire to help share the benefits of naturally healthy skin with as many people as possible. Our products are actually soap rather than detergents that most commercial products contain, which irritate skin. We do not use synthetic preservatives or detergents of any kind. Commercial "soaps," with their synthetic ingredients and detergents, can strip away many of the skin's natural oils. And our consumer society has been conditioned to then purchase lotions to replace those very same oils necessary for healthy skin! Our naturally made, small-batch soaps help retain those oils, in many cases, reducing the need for additional lotions and moisturizers. We make handcrafted, authentic soap and bath products. We did not invent the process, we have not created a world-altering widget. We do, however, make quality soap products we are proud to put our company name on and offer to our friends, family and customers that will nourish their skin and can help alleviate irritating dry skin." ~Apple Tree Acers